Custom Formats

Here you can find new custom formats and scripts that have been created by people. If you have a custom format or script that you think someone else could use, send it to me. Also, if you have any suggestions or reports of problems with a format scheme or script, Email them to the same address.

Using a custom format: To install a custom format, open Color Selector's Advanced dialog. You must have an open scheme slot (called Custom 1-5), if you don't have an open slot, you will need to delete a scheme. After you have an open slot, click Import Scheme on the File menu. Navigate to where you unzipped the .csf file, select it, and click Open. CSF files include both formatting data and custom scripts. Note: Importing a scheme currently requires an empty slot, and cannot simply replace a specific item in a current scheme. So if you want to use two custom formats, you will either need to switch between schemes, or manually copy the data and/or scripts from one scheme to the other. This was short-sightedness on my part, and will have to be fixed in a future update.

Using a custom script: Scripts are contained in .csf files along with other formatting data, so if you have installed the CSF file (see above), the script has alread been installed too. If you don't want to install the whole scheme, and only want to add the script to an existing scheme, follow these steps. Open Color Selector's Advanced dialog, select the scheme you want to use the script with, and select the format you want to use the script with. Depending on the type of script you are using, click either the Export Formatting Script or the Format Converter Script button. When the script editor opens, click Import Script on the File menu. Navigate to where you unzipped the .vbs or .js file, select it, and click Open. Then close the script editor and click the Save button in the Advanced dialog.

CIE L*a*b (D65/10°) by Mike Tooley (v1.0.0001, updated 2/24/2003)
Download (2.62KB)
Replaces the CMY output format with CIE L*a*b (D65/10°). Includes both CSF file and export formatting script. Does not include a format converter script.

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