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"An indispensable tool for any Web/Graphics Professional"
     - Peter M. Blum, IGD Web Development

Recommended by PC Magazine!

The Color Selector project has been OpenSourced. My former hosting provider, Hypermart, is discontinuing their free hosting service, so to prevent the loss of Color Selector, I have moved it to SourceForge. My website (KOY Software) will no longer be available after February 25th, 2004. This is the new Color Selector web site. The Color Selector project page is

Color Selector 2.01 is a freeware program that has many features for selecting and converting color formats; it also has an color picker tool that will get the color of any pixel on the screen and a palette tool that allows you to view, modify and save palettes in a variety of formats. If you have any questions or would like to submit a suggestion, please email me.

  • Color selection sliders and input boxes.
  • Shade control slider.
  • Alternative access to the windows color dialog.
  • Format Converter converts from HTML, RGB, HSL, CMY, hexadecimal, decimal, and octal.
  • Color picker finds the color of any pixel on the screen.
  • Export to the clipboard in six formats: HTML, RGB, HSL, CMY, hexadecimal, decimal, octal, and graphical color swatch.

  • New in Version 2.0!
  • Brand new palette tool allows you to select and set colors from a palette.
  • Copy and paste sections of the palette.
  • Open palettes from pal, act, and bmp files. Save them as pal and act files.
  • Four default palettes: Web 216, Web 125 (Unix), Windows System and Macintosh System.
  • Palette Locking feature allows you to convert the current color to the nearest available color in the current palette. Easily find the nearest websafe color using the Web 216 palette!
  • "Always on Top" option now available!
  • The last position of the main and palette windows are now saved. Now they'll be right where they were when you last closed the program.

  • New in Version 2.01!
  • Fixed bug where Color Selector stays minimized. If you already have this problem, download this to fix it. Unzip it, double click the file it contains, and say yes.
  • Fixed menu shortcut key problems.

Download Color Selector 2.01 (65.8KB)
Supports 95/98/ME/XP and NT4/2000
Requirements: Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime Files
(You may not need these files, especially if you are running Windows XP or higher, so you might want to try running Color Selector first. If you receive any errors about missing DLLs or OCXs, download and install the above files.)

Source Code
The source code for Color Selector 2.01 is now available on SourceForge!

Color Selector 1.0 (30.3KB)
How it all began. Version 2.0 is much more powerful and only somewhat larger, so you should only get this if you are curious how the first version looked.

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